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@MonAaraj There have not been any serious conversations about getting polybar to work on wayland without xwayland. It is an often requested feature though, but I have neither the capacity nor the experience to do it myself. The main problem is that most major components are heavily tied to the X server through the use of XCB.

The Noto Emoji Project provides color and black-and-white emoji fonts. The color version is used on the Gmail, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, and YouTube web apps, as well as the Android, Wear OS, and Chrome OS operating systems.It is also used on the Slack apps on Windows, Linux, and Android.. Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Noto Sans and Noto Serif contain Latin,. Send feedback Add Firebase to your Flutter app. [Flutter Web/Desktop] Attempt to improve scrolling Hi, recently I've been trying to find a way to improve the scrolling behaviour f.

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The first line should produce a snake emoji (opens new window), while the second should produce a powerline branch symbol (e0a0) (opens new window). If either symbol fails to display correctly, your system is still misconfigured. Unfortunately, getting font configuration correct is sometimes difficult. Benutzer auf dem Discord können. .

TL;DR. Install an emoji font; Restart Dunst; Optional: explicitly configure ~/.config/dunst/dunstrc to include the font; A little more context. Although I've used Dunst for a couple of years, it wasn't until recently that I realised I wanted emoji support.. It came about when I switched over from Chromium to Firefox Nightly, and found that the WhatsApp Web interface.

Manjaro Settings Manager. MSM can set your Language, User Account, Kernel, Time and Date, Graphics Card Drivers, and more. Manjaro Hardware Detection. Kernels and Drivers. (mhwd) Graphical Software Managers. There's a range of user-friendly software managers available. Configure Graphics Cards. View, install, remove, or reinstall GPU drivers.

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